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First Name Last Name Email Organisation Job Role Date Added Courses
Courses Assigned Courses Started Courses Completed
Alan Rusher [email protected] IT Technician
Adrian Sajero [email protected] Operations Manager
Aileen Taylor [email protected] Aviation Security Trainer
Adam Craig [email protected] Guard
Adam Spooner [email protected] Guard
Adil Abbasi [email protected] Guard
Alex Bridge [email protected] Guard
Adegboyega Idowu [email protected] Keyguard
LearnerCourse CourseTesting [email protected] Testing courses
Beverley Marshall [email protected] Guard
No Activation Should Arrive [email protected] No Activation
Charlotte Robertson [email protected] Sales Co-ordinator
Curtis Taylor [email protected] Technical Manager (Ghana)
Chris Yeowell [email protected] IT Manager
Carl Triegaardt [email protected] Euro-ops
Catherine Robertson [email protected] Guard
Chris Hillson [email protected] Guard
Chris Pearson [email protected] Guard
Colin Bell [email protected] Guard
Dave Clements [email protected] Deputy General Manager (Ghana)
Diane Greenland [email protected] Executive Assistant
David Froggatt [email protected] Guard
Dean Fearnley [email protected] Guard
David Riley [email protected] Guard
Fran Bourne [email protected] HR Administrator
Farukh Tahir [email protected] Guard
UserNoActivate UserNoActivate [email protected] NoActivate
Graham Binns [email protected] non-Exec Director
Gildas Dalmeida [email protected] Deputy ASM (DRC)
Gareth Fletcher [email protected] Guard
Heidi Fowler [email protected] HR Manager
Hamish Russell [email protected] General Manager
Niall Test Again [email protected] Testing Activation
Harry Loakes [email protected] Guard
Kausar Naik [email protected] Guest Learner
Henry Spratt [email protected] Managing Director (GLIS)
Daniel Hulme [email protected] Guard
Jackie Collings [email protected] Guard
John Drummond [email protected] Project Director
Joanna Fowler [email protected] Head Of Services
Jack Weerawan [email protected] Guard
Jane Doe [email protected] Guard
Jane Doe [email protected] Guard
Jane Doe [email protected] Guard
Jason Townsend [email protected] Guard
John Doe [email protected] Head Tester
Kyah Aldridge [email protected] Aviation Security Trainer
Karl Jeffs [email protected] Lead Field Service Engineer
Kaye Pudwell [email protected] Duty Support Manager (SL)
Katie Turner [email protected] Sales Administrator
16NovKivoby Learner [email protected] Testing
Kevin Jones [email protected] Guard
Luke Good [email protected] Area Supervisor
Lauren Greenland [email protected] Operations Coordinator
Lorraine Helland [email protected] Business Development Manager
Leah Ridley [email protected] Sales Administrator
Nataliya Lazarova-Zaharieva [email protected] Guard
Learner EmailIntercept [email protected] Test
Louis Brown [email protected] Guard
Mawuli Ababio [email protected] Deputy Chairman
Mark Austin [email protected] Financial Accountant
Musayeroh Barrie [email protected] Country Director (SL)
Mark Bayes [email protected] Field Service Engineer
Mark Croston [email protected] Site Maintenance Supervisor
Mike-Robin Egwu [email protected] Trainee Accountant
Mark Hughes [email protected] CFO
Mick Oxlade [email protected] Technical Sales
Mel Smith [email protected] Guard
Lorna Duffy [email protected] Guard
Moritz Werner [email protected] Managing Director (GLIS)
Neil Fowler [email protected] Project Support
Nigel Jones [email protected] Aviation Security Trainer
Niall O'Brien [email protected] Software & Creative Manager
Nathalie Arndt [email protected] Senior Sales Consultant (GLIS)
Nathan Collins [email protected] Keyguard
WG Learner [email protected] Tester
Niall O'Brien [email protected] Head Tester
Niall O'Brien [email protected] Head Tester
Nimbona Serges [email protected] Euro-ops
Ossama Ben Salem [email protected] Engineering Manager (DRC)
Oliver Woods [email protected] Sales Representative
Peter Fowler [email protected] CEO
Peter Mackie [email protected] Product Portfolio Manager
Paul Morton [email protected] Training and Compliance Director
Patrick Sakameso [email protected] DRC DG (DRC)
Pat Fowler [email protected] Financial Controller
Richard Conlon [email protected] Sales & Operations Manager (Saudi)
Raed Hanna [email protected] Aviation Security Manager (SL)
Rob Lawrence [email protected] Operations Director
Ryan Mounsey [email protected] Business Development Manager
Rachael Short [email protected] Marketing
Roger Worrall [email protected] Commercial Director
Rafael Meresinski [email protected] Guard
Nov16rysuja Learner [email protected] Testing
Simon Barrell [email protected] non-Exec Director
Stuart Fowler [email protected] Chief Operating Officer
Shaun McIntyre [email protected] Duty Support Manager (SL)
Steve McWhinnie [email protected] General Manager (Ghana)
Sella Subramaniam [email protected] Guard
Shaun O’Connor [email protected] Guard
Shirley Box [email protected] Guarding
EmailDisabled Learner [email protected] Testing
Scarlett Fowler [email protected] Accounts Administrator
Tony Baldry [email protected] Chairman
Tomasz Kudlinski [email protected] Engineering Project Manager
Testing Testing [email protected] Testing
Testing10 Testing10 [email protected] Testing
Testing11 Testing11 [email protected] Testing
Testing11 Testing11 [email protected] Testing
Testing14 Testing14 [email protected] Testing
Testing15 Testing15 [email protected] Testing15
Testing16 Testing16 [email protected] Testing16
Vincent Toscani [email protected] Business Development (EuroOps)
Wayne Taylor [email protected] Field Service Engineer
17Feb23 17Feb23 [email protected] Testing
Zoran Kresic [email protected] WG
Westminster Learner [email protected] Admin